Podcasting in ELT

16 May

Dear all,

We have nearly ended the Spring term and you have just two more weeks. Then, most of you will graduate and some will be 4th year students. These are your final tasks. Enjoy it!..

As you know, we talked about Podcasting in ELT this week. I shared some websites that you can listen or download podcasts. Some of these links are listed below:

General Information about using podcasts in ELT:

NPR Podcasts:

BBC Podcasts:

Audioboo for creating and publishing podcasts:

You can explore the websites above. In our limited time, I just had the chance say what you can find here.

As for the task for podcasts, you will create podcasts using Audioboo. However, before explaining the task, I would like say that I was inspired by a great writer called Samuel Beckett, the author of Waiting for Godot, and I would like to quote his words here.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

You will see how it is related to your task. Please follow the steps in order to complete your tasks.

1. Go to website.

2. Create an account here.

3. Then, please share your Audioboo account names in our Facebook group. I need them to see your podcasts. It is quite important.

4. Then, you have 3 minutes at maximum to record your voice. You will talk about “When was the last time you failed?” “When was the last time you felt very ashamed?” and “What did you do afterwards?”. Let’s share our failure. Do not forget, the person who says s/he has not failed is either deceptive or s/he is not taking any risks.

5. Just record your short experience in 3 minutes and make sure that it is published on your Audioboo home page.

After you complete the task, I will add your story on my homepage; and I am sure that it will be a great collection of failure stories.

Good luck with the task,

Have a nice weekend,

Dr. Sedat Akayoğlu

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