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First week, first impressions…

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We are about to complete the first week of the Spring Semester and I just wanted to write about my first impressions about the reactions of students towards the course and the facilities of the computer lab.

First of all, I was really disappointed to see that students were all concentrated on KPSS exam, which is required for them to start their profession at state schools; however, the important subjects of this exam are history, geography, mathematics, Turkish language, etc. The questions related to their field were added this year; but the major part of the exam will be the other subjects again. As a result, they attended private courses for different subjects. They don’t want to spend too much time on the courses at the Department. However, there are some points they have missed. If they behave like this, the only plan for their future will be working at state schools; because if they want to work anywhere but the state schools or if they want to go on with MA program, they will be evaluated for their knowledge in English language teaching/learning. Thus, I can admit that the main objective of this course should be increasing the students’ motivation.

Secondly, the facilities of the computer lab is very bad and will limit our course content in some situations. There are only 25 computers and some of them are not working. I noticed that the overhead projector was a bit problematic and I have to be in the classroom at least 10 minutes earlier than usual. The most important limitation for me will be the blocked web sites at the university. Many web sites are not working as they are categorized as games, p2p sharing programs, etc. As for the course content, Second Life and Skype is not working. I will have to go to the related department and solve this problem.

Thirdly, the most important problem will be the number of students in the classroom. I have two sections for Computer Assisted Language Learning course and there are at least 60 students in each classroom. This might be a bit challenging for me; but this can be an advantage for the course as well. There will be group work activities and there will be more interaction in the classroom. I hope everything goes fine with this class.

To sum up, there are some limitations for this course, but I will do my best to teach ICT tools and how to use them for their profession

Dr. Sedat Akayoglu

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Let the course begin…

Dear visitors and students,

I created this blog page in order to collect your blog pages in one page and to make announcements for the tasks and the course content. It will also provide us with a platform for communication. This blog page will be used for both sections (day & evening groups) and I will present some of your tasks as the example.

Course description:

This course introduces pre-service teachers of English to Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) tools. In addition to giving an overview of the uses of CALL tools in teaching/learning, the course will cover a review of interactive instructional technologies in language teaching/learning, the Internet in English language teaching, and evaluation of English language teaching software and use of Web 2.0 tools in the language classroom. Implications of CALL in language classrooms will also be discussed. Students will be provided with hands-on experience, and they will also develop their own multimedia CALL materials (e.g. podcasts, wikis, blogs, etc.). Students will also review and evaluate current research in CALL.


Students will be able to

  • Review interactive instructional technologies in language teaching/learning.
  • Learn terminology related to computer-assisted foreign language learning.
  • Experiment with and evaluate current computer applications in foreign language learning.
  • Learn how to design and integrate computers into foreign language courses.
  • Review and evaluate selected current research in CALL.
  • Develop their own multimedia CALL materials.

I hope we will have a nice semester together.

Your first task is to write a blog post about your first impressions about course. What are your expectations? Do you think it will help you to improve yourself? Be honest and don’t worry! You will not be graded about your opinions.

Best wishes,

Sedat Akayoğlu

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